At present, around 124.6 million grown-up Americans (50.2%) are single. This number was around 22% in 1950. In spite of the increment in the number of individuals swiping right and utilizing web-based dating locales, being single is more normal than any time in recent memory. And millions of people searching for the answer to why am I still single?

In case you’re at present wanting to settle down, you might be pondering precisely what women search for in a man. Fortunately, we’ve done the exploration and can assist you with settling the secret so you can, at last, comprehend what women are searching for.

1.What Women Really Want.

With regards to discovering an accomplice, men will in general be a lot easier than women. Women, in any case, will, in general, be somewhat more confounded. A few people need some assistance understanding what women search for in a man. Here are a couple of things most women are expecting in their accomplice:


Most women are searching for a man that is straightforward. Without trustworthiness, it’s absolutely impossible to assemble trust. Men expecting to settle down with that ideal lady should be straightforward and direct.

No lady needs to mess around, and they’re not keen on attempting to sort out in case you’re coming clean. Genuineness is urgent from the very first moment.


This doesn’t imply that women hope to have your consideration the entire day. In any case, they would like to feel loved and unique. Women love the easily overlooked details that men do to cause them to feel better.

This could mean complimenting her grin, seeing when she’s trimmed her hair or leaving a note toward the beginning of the day for when she awakens.


Indeed, it can’t generally be chocolates and roses, and you most likely will not be making out ceaselessly for the duration of the day. Most women are rearranging family, associates, and work commitments taking everything into account. Consistently, the sentiment seems to disappear once men are in a genuine relationship.

Keep the sentiment blasting at the creases with seven days after weeknight out. . Light a few candles, place on some pleasant music, or run a shower for the lady in your life.


While insight ought to never be displayed (there are not many things as unattractive as a person who thinks he “knows everything”), it’s an attractive attribute. At the point when you seem to be fascinating and humble, you’ll see it a lot simpler to engage the correct lady.

In case you’re a specialist in a specific region, use it as an “I think about this and couldn’t want anything more than to show you” way, and not as an “I’m such plenty brighter than you” way. Insight is attractive, and women like to gain from somebody exceptional.


Ask women who have recently cut off a friendship one of the primary reasons the relationship self-destructed and you’re probably going to hear “enthusiasm” mentioned. Today, numerous women are searching for men who can step up to the plate both inside and outside of the room.

Sex is significant, and in case you’re having issues in the room or experiencing a low sex drive, you might need to look at this treatment.

Regardless of whether you have a decent sexual coexistence, women need that enthusiasm to proceed outside the room. Each lady needs to feel needed, so standing up for yourself physically is an unquestionable requirement. Little actual contacts like a stroke on the back or a kiss on the neck are significant also and will help keep the energy alive in your relationship.

7.Awareness of what’s actually funny.

One of the top qualities women search for in a man? A funny bone. Being interesting basically makes you more attractive, and women are continually searching for a man who can make them chuckle.

This doesn’t mean you should be ceaselessly telling wisecracks. Yet, having the option to chuckle at yourself is critical. Nobody needs to be with somebody who views themselves too pretentiously.


Women need to be with somebody who can deal with themselves. You’ll have to show that you’re autonomous and able. That implies settling on your own choices, preparing yourself supper, and paying your lease on schedule.

Women would prefer not to be your mom, and it’s vital that you can demonstrate that you can take care of your fair share (and your accomplice’s when important). It’s an unmistakable side road when folks are in steady need of inspiration, help, guidance, friendship, and consolation. After that, you will newer ask why am I still single?


Women like to talk. A ton. Women express around 20,000 words every day, which is 13,000 more than most men.
Your accomplice may realize you love her however would see the value in hearing you say it as well. So let her realize you believe she’s hot. Disclose to her she looks excellent. It assists her with feeling sure and tells her you can see the exertion she has placed in.
It’s additionally imperative to impart when you’re upset. There’s nothing more baffling than hearing somebody say they’re “fine” when they’re not fine. Women like men who are extraordinary communicators and try not to be aloof forceful in the relationship.


Very much like men are drawn to attractive women, the equivalent goes for women. Keeping yourself prepared, remaining fit, wearing garments that fit, and consistently washing goes far and also you can apply cologne

This doesn’t mean you would like to seem like Brad Pitt. However, keeping steady over your own cleanliness and investing heavily in your appearance will go far.


Is it true that you simply are What Women search for during a Man?

What’s your opinion about the above qualities? I think you got the answer of  Why am I still single? Do you trust you can tick the majority of them off? Do you have what women search for in a man? Or on the other hand, are there certain spaces that you could improve? Click here to read more information

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