How to be a good looking men-2021

Here’s a secret I think you guys might not be known some big companies think that men don’t take care of their appearance.
that the reason when you want to start looking good as a man or we can say, guy. To be a good looking men

It’s so difficult to get anything that’s quality and works. don’t worry about it we’re here to help. the truth is, if you want to be good looking men then you have to do care of yourself. from top to bottom.

Here are the top secrets to be a good-looking man.

1.Your Hair

You need to forget about your low-budget haircuts and have to start going to a good barber that treats you as a valued client. well, we all have different face shapes, head shapes, bump, and bruises that need a good professional to say us what would set for us what won’t as pes our shapes of face and head.

Getting a good barber that actually cares can be a bit tough, but with the help of social media, it has become a whole lot easier. Try the different barbershops in your local city and check their website and social media for to be a good looking men you guys have to do it.

Look at the types of haircuts they do as per your shape of face and head. and are they modern? do they look perfect?
Check the reviews, if the first barbershop doesn’t suit you visit multiple shops. basically, it’s a process, but hair is extremely important for how you look.

2.Grow Out Some Facial Hair

Shaving, not your thing try to skip the hassle of beard shaving by growing out a beard. Well, growing a beard doesn’t enough to be good-looking men you have still need to trim and shape your beard.
Well, growing bread can reduce some amount of shave irritation. and as per your facial hairstyle, it can make you more attractive to women.

3.Stick With Healthy Habits

If you guys want to be good-looking men from the outside, then it’s simple you guys have to take care of the inside of your body. You can not act as you did in your 20s basically you guys might know the rules that get plenty of rest eat right, drink water try to quit smoke, and stop consuming alcohol start to do some exercise most days.

4.Your Skin

Good and healthy clean skin is a great way to showcase your youth and vitality to the world and that makes you look different and better than most guys out there that do not care about their skin.

For good skin, you guys really need to follow 2 things ( if you guys don’t have major skin problems if you have to go to a dermatologist).

Take a face cleaner and moisturizer something to wash your face skin with and clean the dirt, and also you guys can use moisturize to return the plump and moisture to your skin after you wash it. Your skin is the most important part to be a good looking man.


This is one of the most important when it comes to good looking.

Cut your’re and clean your finger and toenails

Groom the eyebrows

If you guys growing your beard the line it up and groom it to try to apply the beard oil to moisturize and prevent flakiness

If you guys don’t like beard the consider wet shaving you will get the close shave that looks better than any electric shaver.

Get a nice cologne for you that you can say signature scent also get good smelling body wash.

6.Groom Your Brows

Perfect eyebrows are the sign of an extremely well-groomed man. This is the area that most guys forget to manscape until they’re veering dangerously to unibrow territory. if you guys want to have perfect brows, well you guys can have them professionally waxed or tweeze them yourself at home.

7.Invest In New Shoes

Well, you guys might don’t know that you are getting judged for your shoes the people around you can notice your footwear and they can judge you. until you get new shoes for yourself go out and treat yourself to two new pair of classy pair of dress shoes and a casual pair for every day, you can not be good looking men without investing in new shoes.

If you guys don’t want to do a grooming mistake then you must read this article to know the grooming mistake

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